2" x 6cf Automatic Cat Carbon System

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2" x 6 Cubic Foot  Automatic Cat Carbon System

The 6 cf Cat Carbon delivers flow rates between 21 and 26 gallons per minute with a tank size of 21" x 62". Cat Carbon is designed for the removal of Chloramines, Chlorine and host of other chemicals that may be found in your water. With its excellent absorption rate and one of the most efficient automatic valves  available on the market, Cat Carbon System can't be beat.

  • Removes Chlorine, Chloromines and Host of other Chemicals that may be present in your water
  • Tank Size 16" x 65"
  • Flow Rate 16-20 GPM
  • Come Complete with 2" x 24 Full Port Stainless Steel Flex Lines
  • Our Digital Control Valve is completely Programmable and Proudly Made in the USA.

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