CWP 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

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Permeate Pump

Our 4 stage reverse osmosis systems are simple and cost effective, and ideal for most residences that want high quality drinking water.  Our standard system includes a 50 GPD membrane, high capacity filters, 3/8" product line tubing, 3.2 Gallon storage tank and a chrome faucet.  You can customize your system by choosing a membrane size, faucet finish, and add a Permeate Pump. All fitting are John Guest.

Membrane options
50 GPD delivers 50 gallons per day standard, standard option.
50 GPD EC delivers 50 gallons per day and uses 2/3 less water.
75 GPD EC delivers 75 gallons per day and uses 2/3 less water.
100 GPD delivers 100 gallons per day.

Permeate Pump
Enhances the performance without electricity by using the kinetic waste water energy to greatly reduce the back pressure from the RO unit's storage tank. This increases the systems efficiency by allowing the tank to fill faster and with more water with higher pressure. Recommended for any system with 40 psi or more. 


At Custom Water Products it is our intention to sell truly high quality products, using only components Made in the USA, sourced from USA companies. If we have to use oversea offerings, we only use the best.

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