Craft Brew 500 gpd Reverse Osmosis System with UV and Blending Valve.

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Our Craft Brew 500 is a very capable system sized for our smaller brewer's. This unit comes equipped with our Craft Brew Water TDS blending valve designed to give you complete control over your product water as well as ultraviolet sanitation during the final stage for a bacteria free finish. Unit is pre-plumbed and wired for pressure or float switch and our anti-scalant system will tie in seamlessly if needed. 
Options that come Standard with CBW-500RO

Can Be Ordered Float or Pressure Switch Controlled

HM Digital PS-100 TDS Controller
Craft Brew Water TDS Blending Valve
Stainless Steel Membrane Housings (Upgrade)
Ultraviolet Sanitization
Wired and Plumbed for Anti-Scalant System
Wired for Pressure Switch (Pressure Switch Included) or Float Switch (Float Switch included)
Size: L14 x W20 x H27 (36 x 51 x 69)

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